Effectively find, manage, organize and secure the wide variety of data (and data formats) that your business creates so that this valuable information is available to everyone who needs it.

Ready to increase workplace productivity?

Increase Data Security Even When It’s on the Move

Protect your digital assets even in transit, no matter where they are.

Prevent the loss of any of your information due to security breach or human error.

Customize user permission for documents based on pre-defined access clearance as per your company’s requirements.

Almost 71% of data breaches are caused inadvertently due to a careless user or negligence¹. Without an effective strategy for data and information protection, a company remains vulnerable to security threats that can cause loss of digital assets, loss of brand value or even bankruptcy. Digital workflows result in around 51.6% fewer errors². Protect your data on a file-level, even when it is in motion and outside your company's security infrastructure.

Your information can have comprehensive security, whether or not you operate within an enterprise content management (ECM) system. The first step is to manage and protect your unstructured data using solutions that allow you to identify which documents contain personally identifiable information (PII). Next, keep your shared drives clean and compliant. Finally, take control and assign the right type of rights to the right people within your company. These simple steps can keep you safe, while saving you time and money. Further, securing your unstructured data can help prevent your organization’s IP walking out the door, if you lose key resources to the competition. 

Protect confidential data at rest, in transit and in use.

Disable access to confidential data automatically, when usage period has expired.

Locate and flag documents that contain PII; know what it is and where it is located, to protect it.





Ricoh's Digital Rights Management (DRM) Solution

¹ Inside Threat Reports (2016)

²IDC Survey Spotlight, Benefits of Digitizing, Automating, and Optimizing Document-Centric Workflows, doc #US42772417, June 2017

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