Maximize your investment and gain a better understanding of your facilities to increase workspace utilization and make meeting rooms more functional for everyone.

Ready to increase workplace productivity?

The meaning of “good” company culture is one of the most subjective questions many organizations face today.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution to developing a positive and effective culture for your employees, although there is clear indication that it's essential to establishing a foundation from which performance and productivity can be fully unlocked.

Meetings are a critical part of work culture and daily operations.  You and your team spend a significant portion of the workweek in them.  That’s why it’s an absolute requirement that they be productive.

When time and resources are wasted on tasks like trying to schedule meetings, booking rooms, dealing with equipment problems or scheduling last-minute catering, your team productivity comes to a halt.  Ricoh can help.

Maximize Usage, Efficiency and Collaboration

  • Create "employee-first" meeting spaces with purpose.  Flexible, convenient, comfortable and productive spaces.
  • Maximize workspace and lower costs based on from meeting room analytics insights that help you take advantage of unexpected opportunities to improve the workplace.
  • Increase agility to keep pace with the shifting workforce and a culture of innovation.

Limited Time

Ricoh takes into consideration everything from your room configuration to the A/V needs for any size room in your workspace.  Our team designs meeting spaces for flexibility, convenience, comfort and productive work that help you to deliver a work culture where your teams focus on spending their collaboration time building big ideas.

Manage Meeting Rooms From Anywhere

Easily find and manage room booking and availability for walk up or regular meetings.

Send meeting invitations directly from your email application.

Manage your real estate assets more efficiently on a global scale.

Request catering or other available services.





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