Securely digitize or outsource your inbound mailroom process to expedite priority document delivery, reduce costs and improve communications within your organization and with your customers.

Ready to increase workplace productivity?

Inbound mail such as invoices, forms, orders and applications are critical to your business, but your mailroom might not always be the best place for security, speed and efficiency.

Hard copy inbound mail can be a challenge to manage. Your employees still need their mail, even when they're on the road or working from remote locations and you have little visibility into who's seen what, or what needs to be acted upon.

Ricoh can help empower your mail center with a solution designed to reduce handling costs, increase information mobility and improve efficiency.

Get The Right Mail In The Right Hands. Quickly.


Faster: Key sender and recipient automatically extracted to speed match and process notifications to your team.

Secure: Replace physical envelope delivery with a fast, audit-based and compliance-friendly solution.

Smart: Leverage analytics to speed up the processing of information within your organization.

Mobile: Enable delivery and quickly make routing or informed business decisions from anywhere, anytime on any device.

Efficient, cost-effective inbound mail management requires the right mix of people, technology and processes. Enable modern mail services and timely, open communication for your organizational workflow for business-critical documents with Intelligent Delivery Services from Ricoh.

Replace physical envelope delivery with a compliance-friendly solution. With Intelligent Delivery, your teams can ‘unify the inbox’ and view their inbound mail by securely logging into their digital mailbox on any device, anytime, anywhere to take any action and make informed business decisions.

Capture, Route and Accelerate Your Inbound Mail for Increased Information Mobility





A Day in the Life of Intelligent Delivery Mail

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