Improve the process and workflow for employee onboarding to ensure new employees hit the ground running, while HR can stay focused on attracting and retaining the best talent.

Ready to increase workplace productivity?

HR is the heart of an organization. However, administrative processes such as recruitment, compensation, compliance and employee development, can be costly and leave little time for securing top talent, workforce planning and building a thriving company culture.

You need your information well organized and working for you within streamlined processes that eliminate manual repetitive tasks and boost productivity so you can focus on the important stuff.

With a unified platform and process automation, you’ll be efficiently managing all of your information in no time - from job descriptions and resumes to applications and reference letters to contracts and insurance documentation.

And with your information well in hand, you’ll benefit from increased business agility and better collaboration with executives while minimizing human error, security risk and costs.

It’s time for change. It’s time to automate and simplify your HR.

Improve Efficiency in Hiring and Onboarding New Employees


Automatically store applications submitted online and assign them to a recruiter for review.


Send forms to new hires and, once completed, securely store them.

Compensation & Benefits

Track employees eligibility for benefits enrolment.

Tax forms

Facilitate the distribution tax documents with employee email reminders.

Core HR Processes That Can Be Improved With Automation:


Send instant, regular reminder emails for employees to review their time sheets.


Rate employee performance in an electronic form that automatically routes to supervisors for review.

Health and safety

Automatically advise the team of employee status changes or relocation.

Records management

Stay compliant in retaining employee records.





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