Discover how our customers are streamlining workflows to increase efficiency and improve community services.

Every day, Ricoh is enabling government organizations to create highly efficient digital workplaces that extend to more of its constituents

Improve Workplace Productivity to Serve More of Your Constituents

Discover how we can help you increase workplace productivity and deliver the valued services that connect the communities you serve.

Encourage face-to-face communication and collaboration across departments and with

constituents through our extensive line of videoconferencing systems, interactive flat-panel

displays and projection technology.  MORE...

Increase Collaboration & Communication

Whether your people are across town or across the country, your teams need effective ways to communicate and share information so they can meet the ever-increasing demand for government


Ricoh Workplace Productivity solutions deliver the tools and technology you need to make your department or organization more connected, productive and efficient.

Maximize your investment and gain a better understanding of your facilities to increase

workspace utilization and make meeting rooms more functional for everyone.  MORE...

Secure & Improve Access to Information

As more citizens demand transparency in day-to-day government activities and the services they provide, the struggle between data accessibility and security will only increase. 

Ricoh Content Management and Workflow solutions can help you create the highly efficient, productive and accountable government that delivers the valuable information your constituents request while keeping your vital records and data secure.

Replace your cumbersome paper-based workflows with a digitized system that helps you

improve access to information by citizens, support compliance and lower costs.  MORE..

Effectively manage, organize and secure the wide variety of data (and data formats) that your organization creates so that this valuable information is available to everyone who needs it. MORE..

Digitize and store records efficiently and securely in accordance with retention policies and regulations. Save on storage costs, data recovery and paper..  MORE..

Sign documents digitally and accelerate productivity, regardless of where your employees or

residents are located.  MORE..

Access to Information Requests

Access and retrieve growing volume of documents and records conveniently and securely in

compliance with citizen requests.  

Improve your institutions business processes so they contribute to your goals instead of being a burden on your departments and staff. 

Ricoh has the people, technology and best practice experience to help your improve outcomes and stay agile.

See how automating or outsourcing accounting processes like AR, AP or check processing can reduce your organization’s reliance of manual processes and unlock savings and productivity.  MORE...

On- or off-site, Ricoh can simplify the reliable and secure digitization of documents, records and files to significantly reduce your annual storage, paper and resource costs.  MORE...

Improve the process and workflow for employee onboarding to ensure new employees hit the ground running while HR can stay focused on attracting and retaining the best talent.. MORE...

Automate & Streamline Business Processes


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