Increase Employee Productivity to Optimize and Grow Your Business.

Ricoh Digital Workplace Solutions

Increase Communication & Collaboration

Secure & Improve Access to Information

Ricoh can help reduce operational costs and increase employee productivity by up to 40.9%* 

Automate & Streamline Business Processes

Facilitate face-to-face communication and collaboration across departments and customers with our extensive line of videoconferencing systems, interactive flat-panel displays and projection technology.  MORE...

The traditional "office" is rapidly evolving with more employees working remotely and customers and vendors spread across the globe.  

To enable this organizations need to adapt to this new reality and still facilitate real-time communication and collaboration between teams and their partners. 


Our solutions deliver the tools and technology to empower your agile workforce to become more connected, productive and efficient.

Maximize your investment and gain a better understanding of your facilities to increase workspace utilization and make meeting rooms more functional for everyone..  MORE...

Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

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Digitalization is a top priority for many organizations. Just as important is the need for secure, seamless access to business-critical information not only for your employees, but your partners, vendors and customers.

Ricoh can help you create highly efficient content and workflow solutions that ensure your people get the information they need when they need it-all while keeping your information and your organization secure.

Replace inefficient workflows with a digitized system that improves the accessing and processing of information, ensures compliance and lowers costs.  MORE...

Effectively find, manage, organize and secure the wide variety of data (and data formats) that your enterprise creates so that this valuable information is available to everyone who needs it. MORE...

Digitize and store records efficiently and securely in accordance with retention policies and regulations. Save on storage costs, data recovery and paper..  MORE...

Sign documents digitally and automate workflows, to reduce bottlenecks regardless of where your employees or customers are located. MORE...

Secure access to information - where and when you need it.

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Executives are often surprised to learn that many employees are burdened by low-value tasks like manual reporting and tracking when they should be focused on creating value for shareholders and customers. 

Ricoh can help automate and optimize many of your vital business processes so they contribute to your goals instead of being a drag on your employees and customers. 

Streamlining your core business processes can increase productivity, reduce errors and risk, and improve visibility across your organization. 

See how automating or outsourcing accounting processes like AR, AP or cheque processing can reduce your organization’s reliance on manual processes and unlock savings and productivity.  MORE...

On- or off-site, Ricoh can simplify the reliable and secure digitization of documents, records and files to significantly reduce your annual storage, paper and resource costs.  MORE...

Improve the process and workflow for employee onboarding to ensure new employees hit the ground running, while HR can stay focused on attracting and retaining the best talent. MORE...

Securely digitize your inbound mailroom process to expedite priority document delivery, reduce costs and improve communications within your organization and with your customers. MORE...

Get your processes working for you - instead of against you.

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Organizations choose Ricoh for our proactive solutions, our customer first approach, our track record and scale.

"Ricoh was the one company that stood out as being able to turn around our requirements very quickly while at the same time, offering a solution we actually needed."

Trent Fookes, Grey Bruce Health Services

"With the implementation of our system, we were able to create workflows, and a lot of those workflows have saved a significant amount of staff time."

Karen Way, Township of Springwater

"We're serving 3000 employees, and now a process that would normally take us months to complete can be completed in literally a week's time."

Jon Rever, Central Okanagan School District 23 

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