Learn how our customers are automating processes and improving information access and security to deliver better student experiences.

Every day, Ricoh is helping educators to empower digital workplaces and enable administrators, teachers and even students to work smarter.

Improve Workplace Productivity to Optimize Processes and Enhance Learning

Discover how we can help you increase workplace

productivity by up to 40.9%* with our Digital Workplace Solutions. 

Maximize your campus infrastructure and gain a better understanding of your facilities to

increase workspace utilization and make meeting rooms more functional for everyone.  MORE...

Increase Collaboration & Communication

The competition for students is more intense than ever. Many institutions are now creating attractive, yet highly functional collaboration spaces and classrooms as a way to help differentiate their offerings.

See how Ricoh Workplace Productivity solutions can help you design learning environments that both encourage student team work and empower instructors to deliver educational experiences that are flexible, interactive and collaborative.

Bring the learning environment to life by offering remote classroom experiences and interactive

learning sessions with Ricoh videoconferencing systems, interactive flat-panel displays and

projection technology.  MORE…

Secure & Improve Access to Information

Information is the lifeblood of any educational institution. But it’s only useful if teachers, students and other users can access it, from wherever they are. 

See how Ricoh can help you create highly efficient content and workflow solutions that ensure your diverse audiences get the secure, seamless information access they need, when they need it.

Replace your cumbersome paper-based workflows with a digitized system that helps you

improve access to information, support compliance and lower costs.  MORE...

Effectively manage, organize and secure the wide variety of data (and data formats) that your institution creates so that this valuable information is available to everyone who needs it. MORE...

Digitize and store student records efficiently and securely as per current governance regulations.  MORE...

Sign documents digitally and accelerate productivity, regardless of where your staff or students

are located.  MORE...

Testing and Grading Solutions

Give educators the flexibility to grade anytime, anywhere. Migrate testing from paper to digital

to improve accuracy, marking efficiency and student learning. 

In today’s dynamically changing educational environment, paper backlogs can jeopardize student recruitment, the daily learning process and your overall ability to compete against other institutions.

Ricoh can help. By automating and optimizing many of your vital business processes, we can ensure that

educators and administrators aren’t bogged down by low-level tasks and can get back to delivering a better student experience.

See how digitizing or outsourcing accounting processes like AR and AP can reduce your

institution’s reliance of manual processes and unlock savings and productivity.  MORE...

On- or off-site, Ricoh can simplify the reliable and secure digitization of student records,

progress reports and other documents to significantly reduce your storage, paper and resource

costs.  MORE...

Automate & Streamline Business Processes


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*IDC Survey Spotlight, Benefits of Digitizing, Automating, and Optimizing Document-Centric Workflows, doc #US42772417, June 2017

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