Often the first step on your digital transformation journey. On- or off-site, Ricoh can simplify the reliable and secure digitization of documents, records and files to significantly reduce your annual storage, paper and resource costs.

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Go Digital - Mitigate Risk and Create Effective Processes

More than 70% of today’s businesses would fail within 3 weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of paper-based records due to fire or flood¹. Information digitization mitigates risk resulting from unforeseen circumstances, in addition to supporting information mobility and increasing your workforce’s efficiency in capturing, accessing and managing critical business data. Printing, scanning, copying and faxing cost businesses time and resources. 

Digitizing your documents allows your information to move faster and more efficiently in an electronic workflow. Digitizing paper documents can reduce 12.5% of time spent looking for and/or recreating misfiled paper documents, which can result in an increase of almost 40.9% in productivity². 

We’ll work with you to digitize your legacy files - scanning and indexing any large backlogs of existing physical documents into formats you and your team prefer.

Access the information you need - anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Increase productivity - eliminate time spent searching for or re-creating information.

Reduce or eliminate the space, expenses and hassle of storing and maintaining all of your hardcopy documents.

Unlock the value of legacy data.

Create Information Mobility With Document Conversion

Ricoh leads the industry in advanced technologies for efficient scanning and capture of even the largest backlogs of physical documents.  We can automatically load digitized documents into your document management system or business process, or deliver the information to you in the format(s) you need. Ricoh can scan files at your site or in one of our secure document processing centres. 





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¹ Facts About Paper: The Impact of Consumption (2013)

²IDC Survey Spotlight, Benefits of Digitizing, Automating, and Optimizing Document-Centric Workflows, doc #US42772417, June 2017

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