Replace inefficient workflows with a digitized system that improves the accessing and processing of information, ensures compliance and lowers costs

Ready to increase workplace productivity?

Capitalize on Automation for Efficient Workflows

Store, retrieve, archive, audit and process digital files for improved access, control, security and compliance.

Encourage collaboration across locations, while mitigating risk – go digital.

Make better decisions using audit trails and analytics tools.

On average, organizations generate more than 2.5 billion GB¹ of information every day.  Digitizing paper documents and records can reduce time spent on looking for and/or recreating misfiled paper documents by 12.5%, which can result in an increase of 40.9% in productivity².

Content, data and information management is easy when you use the right tools. What matters is automating your organization’s information management system that not only increases data and content security, but also enhances your employee’s access to information.  Implement a centralized document repository system to streamline business processes and help improve workflow efficiencies for increased workplace productivity.

Increase information mobility to collaborate easily and securely.

Preset processes to route documents to an ERP system or other repositories.

Find and manage documents throughout their lifecycles and make your information work for you.

Content Management Solutions

Ensure vital information flows seamlessly throughout your organization based on what it is, who needs to access it and for how long. 

Let Ricoh help you create a highly efficient digital workflow that increases productivity, while also improving compliance and security.  Our Workflow Design Consultants will help you identify hidden efficiencies and create effective processes that integrate with efficient workflows to keep your business connected, secure and compliant.

Workflow Consulting and Design Services

Electronic Forms Automation Solutions

Eliminate delays and streamline workflows by digitizing and automating the many forms and other paperwork needed to keep you business running efficiently.

Replace your stacks of pre-printed forms with electronic forms that look exactly like the familiar paper equivalent. Edit form fields, verify data and save money by using less paper in addition to improving & simplifying user interface. E-forms make data useful, organized and easily accessible.





Forms Management

Solution Workflow

¹ Wikibon, A Comprehensive List of Big Data Statistics

² IDC Survey Spotlight, Benefits of Digitizing, Automating, and Optimizing Document-Centric Workflows, doc #US42772417, June 2017

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