Preserving the Past for the Future

Your council has access to valuable member data all the time. This data, along with legacy documents, is primarily paper-based which can be lost, misplaced, inappropriately accessed or destroyed by fire and flood. 

Build a better future that will preserve the traditions, cultures and heritage of your community.  

Ricoh can help.  

We empower digital workplaces. Improve information access, protect your data, streamline workflows and improve member experience and community services.

1. Digitize

Convert paper based documents and records into a digital format to improve access to information and reduce storage costs.

2. Optimize

Create streamlined digital workflows to improve efficiency, productivity and  member satisfaction.

3. Secure

Implement information access rights protocols and  a backup and recovery plan to protect your information.

  • Document Capture / Backfile Scanning 
  • Backup and Recovery Solutions
  • File Analysis and Migration Solutions
  • Content Management and Workflow
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Advanced Capture and Routing 
  • Professional Services

Our approach starts with a consultation to define your current state and needs.  A custom solution is designed just for you and we take care of the implementation, training and change management.

All you need are the right solutions. 

Download our brochure for more information on Ricoh's Digital Workplace Solutions .

Why digitize?

Digitizing records and automating workflows results in up to 51.6% fewer errors and reduces document storage costs by 41.2%¹

The future looks bright for your council and community through digital transformation. Discover how Ricoh can help you digitize, preserve and make access easier on your historical records, legacy documents, as well as member and business information.

Ready to transform your community and member services?

Ricoh is a proud member of the CCAB.

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