Ricoh Intelligent
Delivery Services

Bring information mobility to mail delivery with a tailored solution that applies intelligence to mail processes and automates workflows

In the New World of Work, traditional mail processing can inhibit your overall efficiency. Do you struggle with large amounts of junk mail? What about mail sent to the wrong place that has to be manually re-routed? How do you handle mail delivery when recipients are traveling or don't work at assigned desks?


of mail deliveries to destinations with multiple buildings are returned

Ricoh Intelligent Delivery Services can unify your inbox - enabling convenient digital mail processes for your hardcopy mail.


of letters are sent to a regional hub where they have to be further sorted into destinations


of mail delivered to mail cubbies


of the mail is incorrectly delivered to desks

Did you know?

of mail is junk


How it works

1. Optimized Inbound Mail

3. Deliver and route

2. Automated capture and processing

Ricoh receives inbound mail, either on-site or off-site

Handle data in a centralized location, making it more secure and less likely to be lost or misplaced

High speed mail transport base that can handle thousands of pieces per hour

Inbound mail is placed on a scanner that captures digital envelope images

Ricoh's Intelligent Delivery system uses smart technology to identify the correct delivery destination

System extracts key sender and recipient info from the envelope using OCR

Gather metrics related to who is sending and receiving mail

Choose your delivery method - system can learn your preferences over time

Store data for tracking & accounting

Name, Email, Date & Time, Image of the envelope

Automatically match the recipient name to the company database

Information goes where and when it's needed, in the format you choose

Critical information is captured upon receipt and delivered to users anywhere via email

Analytics tools give you the data you need to improve inbound mail processes

Choose to receive mail in various formats to meet your needs

See at-a-glance what's coming in, who it's from, where it goes and what the recipient does with it

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