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Ricoh can help redefine the way you work with everything from collaboration software and process automation to IT security and support.

Boost employee engagement. Enhance customer experience. Protect and grow your business. 

FREE eBook: Empower Your Dynamic Workforce to Thrive in the New World of Work

Ricoh North America recently reached out to over 600 of our customers to understand the primary challenges of transitioning back to work from shelter-in-place mandates. In this eBook, we share recommendations for keeping your employees safe, connected and engaged, wherever they work.

Topics include:

• Supporting a distributed workforce     • Process automation     • Cloud and IT infrastructure     • Smart and safe workplaces

Did you know Ricoh has been helping organisations successfully
change for 85 years? We can help yours too.

After 85 years of imagining change, we've learned a thing or two about changing with the times - especially when it comes to workplace technology.  But experience has also taught us that technology needs to put people first.  

Today’s workplace needs experts, which is why we’re here. Our people help yours do their jobs better, faster and more securely. We connect our customers with the right technology and back it with the expertise to support your success. 

Today's work requires better processes, better collaboration and better results. So let us help you redefine work and Change. For better.


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80% of employees want to work from home at least some of the time. Source: Work-at-Home After Covid 19 – Our forecast - Global Workplace Analytics

Only 34% of businesses are engaged in advancing automation and AI.Source: 2021 ITP for Ricoh – December 2020

63% of Canadian companies still haven’t invested in security and compliance.Source: 2021 ITP for Ricoh – December 2020

Loneliness, communication, and collaboration are a struggle for 40% of your workforce.Source: 2020 State of Remote Work